Sunday, January 16, 2011

Open House 2011

Hey Choir!

Well, great job to everyone this Open House! Just want to commend all of you especially those that stood all the way to the end and helped to pack up. And also for those that spent a lot of effort in the preparation work. You've all done a lot and we appreciate your hard work!

3 weeks to perfect those 4 songs wasn't easy, just want to specially commend the girls on their hard work to finish Tegami in a week! Not easy, but you all did it. The guys did just as well! Cantate Domino was really nice.

Also want to thank Yi Ting and Ying Yian for coming down to give us a hand! Couldn't have managed it without your help!

Now on to our next goal! SYF. Let us keep focused on it, working hard on it so that we can give it our all. Gold w Honours! JIAYOU!

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Appeals Auditions!

Hey all freshly graduated sec4 and 5 students out there!

Just gotten your Os results right? Hope you did to your expectations!

Well, if you wish to join Saints Chorale, you may like to come in through appealing. So when are the auditions?

19 Jan 2011 , Wed, 4pm, H2 Music Room

But before you head down,
1. Please contact us, Jerald ( or Dezmond (, so that we can expect your attendance.

2. Don't be late! Come early and do some prep work (warm up, drink water, etc) before your auditions. I'm sure it'll help!

3. Come in your school uniform or half uniform.

4. If you get lost, don't be afraid to ask for directions. Remember, it's H2 Music Room.

So come on down to SAJC to audition!
We hope you can join in the Saints Chorale family soon!

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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

(Until a better picture comes along, we'll have to make do with this over-exposed photograph first!)

Really, really proud of you! Hold your tears and turn the remaining dissatisfaction into strength and determination for SYF! After all, there is no reason for despair because we are the category winners!

We've put it a lot of our effort hiding underground in the school and in the hotel and standing outside the lobby braving the cold winds and the scorching European sun in Olomouc to prepare for this competition. The extent of improvement which we have achieved over the short time is commendable and rather impressive!

We'd embarked on this trip as 33 individuals and have returned stronger, together as a more unified group. Despite the fact that the rest of the Year 2s have stepped down, the spirit must not fade and the other non-trip members should be included in this renewed spirit!

Also, congratulations to the newly-appointed members of the Music Committee(:

Continue working hard ah. The seniors will still drop by once in a while hehe.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

3 Days to Flying Off!

Hello again!

We'll be meeting at the airport at 2230 @ Terminal 1 on Monday night (2 days from now! PSYCHE!). Many were sniffling/sneezing during practice today so please, really do take care of yourselves (water/vitamins/sleep/water/vitamins/sleep)! Also, keep your lips moisturised with lip balm, alright? Cracked lips really hurt like a b*tch and singing with them would be too.

I hope you've started packing (yes, picking out outfit ensembles and/or stacking up potential travel clothes do count as being in the process of packing too)! Other than that, here are some reminders from today's rehearsal:
  • Greater contrast in dynamics (especially for Wolf)
  • Contrast in emotions (especially for the verses of Shima-e)
  • Don't rush or slow down!
If you didn't already know, WE WANT GOLD (or more than that, even). We're getting nearer and nearer to the competition date and the final practice is on Monday at ONE in the afternoon! Please, please, please don't be late because time will be very tight.

Oh yes, one last thing (boy, I'm getting really naggy), these are things that should be in your hand luggage on Monday:
  • Choir gown (for girls), blazer (for boys)
& these are things you have to remember to bring along, at least in your check-in luggage:
  • Choir scores
  • Performance shoes
  • School uniform + tie
  • Pitch-pipes/tuning forks for those who have them
Alright, that's all I can think of for now. GET A MOVE ON IT FOR PACKING. Don't leave anything important behind!

P.S. For those interested, here are a few Czech greetings/phrases hehe. Audio included! Just click here((:

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Here's a rough translation (very rough indeed; we can't expect much from online translations) of Shima-e just so that we can have a better idea of what we're singing about. This is to help facilitate the creation of ideas and atmospheres to bring out the feelings of melancholic longing, aimless wandering and the desperation from searching.
Where are you?
Is the round each other believed?
Do you knock against your chest when turning round one rotation door of the glass?
It keeps searching for the drift island in the sea in the city.
Wandering person
Do you keep walking?
Are tying palm and palm requested?
When even the horizon of the mind is found some time, can you and I be met?
It connects and it keeps searching for the island of green.
So it's a pervasive theme of uncertainty and loneliness. Hopes rise and hopes fall. Be creative with your interpretation but make sure it's tangential to the song!

Reminder: Next practice is on the 27th May (Thursday) at 1700!

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Gosh, the last post was nearly half a year ago. We are soooo lacking in updates. Quite a lot has happened since January: Open House 2010, CCA Fair, performance outside Ngee Ann City and our guest-performance at AJC choir's VoyAJe in The Esplanade(:
So, the choir population has grown by wayyyyy a lot, as we see from here :D
Next picture, would be one taken by Ms Du when we were performing outside Ngee Ann City.
We'll never forgive the horrible acoustics and that temperamental fountain that couldn't decide whether to stop spraying or to continue. It was our first time performing in public with the 2010 batch. It was a good experience(: There was an exchange with AJC and VJC somewhere along the way at Siglap South CC. The aftermath of that produced an improved sound of the choir and here's us again. This is a recording of us singing Shima-e [Toru Takemitsu] at The Esplanade(:

Okay, next up, is the trip to Vienna/Olomouc! Dear people, please keep yourself healthy and hydrated with vitamins, proteins, fibre and water! Keep aiming high and believe in yourselves! Countdown: 10 days left till we fly off! Well, actually 11 since our flight's actually taking off on the 1st of June. Anyhow, strive on despite the slew of rehearsals (we know 4 times a week sounds crazy but it's for a better good!) and relentlessly growing pile of homework and revision. It's tough but we can do it! Year ones, mug hard for Common Tests and year twos, mug hard for BT2s!

Lastly, for the dear A2s and tenors, here's an example of a wolf howling, kindly posted by Mr Foong on the tagboard. In case you're too lazy to open a new window/tab on your computer, here's the video. JUST CLICK PLAY, PLEASE & THANK YOU.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

appeal auditions tomorrow!

Hey hey hey potential J1s! Tomorrow is posting results day!!! yikes!!!!! I'm as nervous as you cuz my bro is also getting back his posting results! Been through it once, but it feels like i'm going through it again! 0.o

Anyway, for those who are really interested in getting into SAJC, but cannot make it though JAE posting, u can appeal through choir!

If you have had choir experience before, that would definitely give u a chance! If you do not have choir background, it's alright!! As long as you can sing, appreciate music and a good listener, we want you too!

Here are the details for the audition tomorrow (27 jan 2010)

1. the audition will commence at 4.30pm

2. Venue will be the AVA (ask any friendly saint for the directions to the AVA)

3.Please go to the school website ( and download an appeal form. Fill it up and submit it to the general office when u come over to our college tomorrow.

4. Please contact Mr Andrew Tan to make an appointment BEFORE coming over for the audition (his number can be found on the SAJC website, scroll all the way down on the homepage. You should see a segment titled JAE trial runs, trials/auditions. Choir is at the top.)

5. Come in your secondary school uniform or a secondary school based shirt with ur school bottom.

6. There is no need to prepare anything, but do make sure u are fit to sing. Drink lots of water, have confidence and just be yourself!

7. A word of advice from one appeal student to the other (yep, i appealed through choir last year!), warm up sufficiently before you go for the audition. It'll help you sing better and sound better!

GOOD LUCK and hope to see you tomorrow at the audition!!

Recruitment team of SAJC Chorale

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Monday, January 11, 2010

This year is gonna be great!!

Hello everyone!! It's going to be a very exciting year ahead of us! Here's a little something to olook forward to! we will be going to Czech Republic and Vienna from 31st May to 7th June 2010!!!

We will be competing in the international choir festival held from 2nd-6th June at Olomouc, Czech Republic!! :D Of course, we will definitely go sight seeing and visit many places of interest during our trip to VIENNA and CZECH REPUBLIC! HOW EXCITING!! :D :D :D

Interested in going to Czech Republic?
Join SAJC choir and sign up during our OPEN HOUSE (13th Jan) or the CCA fair after J1 orientation!

Interested parties, please take down this date and time ok! 19th January 2010 from 2pm-6pm. This is the audition date for appeal students. Also, please visit our school website at for more information, like contacting our teachers-in-charge to arrange a timeslot for your audition.

Choir will be FUN and EXCITING, but of course, we gotta work hard and do our very best to perform our BESTEST OF THE BEST at the competition! WE CAN DO IT!!!!!

Trust me, it's gonna be one interesting year ahead! so come on in, step into this wonderful family and join in!!! :D

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Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Good job guys! I'm proud of everyone of you! Please rest well and, take good care of yourselves! :D

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Monday, May 04, 2009

Sop1: Cheryl, Theresa, Jodie, Jillian, Quan Mei & Sop2: Alexis, Chi Theng, Shing Yee, Victoria, Sisca & Alto1: Shelley, Jasmine, Ying Yian, Theresa, Josephine, Hui Hui & Alto2: Hilary, Constance, Yi Ting, Jessica, Sharleen & Tenor1: Wei Liang, James, Caesar & Tenor2: Andy, Wei Leong, Ji Heon & Bass1: Szecindyo, Timothy, Johnathan & Bass2: Zheng Zhi, Paul, Ryan, Joshua, Justin <3


Hello Choir! <3

Haha for those of you who happen to be online tonight to read this, or tmr morning...... I just want to say these to you guys, honestly speaking I know I've been saying this so many times, super naggy via so many mediums somemore, F2F (face to face) / SMS / HERE but all I really hope for all of us to have, is this sense of hope & faith in us , that we can all do it together! :)

I hope you guys have done your own individual responsibility, e.g take care of yourself, look at your scores, rest and all, and now as a choir, we need to foster this mutual trust with each other, believe in each and everyone of us, because we form our choir, we sing as one. :)

And a choir, to sing freely, happily enjoying the music is a result of our ability to trust one another, it's like really a powerful force that bonds, binds and connects everyone of us together. :)

Ok! I know you guys are probably drowsy and tired, please sleep early tonight okay? Tmr still got school , long day ahead! And even for the J1s, I think you guys should STILL sleep early! At least 8 hours of sleep hopefully! (Though I'd love a 10-12hr sleep...) Please please do, all right? :D

K, rest well people, spam water plzplz! (:


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